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1. Can I make changes to my party?
Yes. You can make your own changes up to 10 days before the party. Changes within 10 days must be made by calling Laser Storm at 412-364-3473.
2. Why can't I change my party details?
Changes within 10 days of the party must be made by Laser Storm. Just give us a call at 412-364-3473.
3. Do I need to know the number of players attending the party?
No. We will count the players after they arrive on the day of the party. You must pay for at least 10 players.
4. Can I bring my own cake?
Yes. Just add a note in the Special Considerations area after your child's birth date.
5. Can I reschedule for another day?
Yes, You can make the change up to 10 days before the party. Laser Storm can make the change if your party is less than 10 days aways to ensure scheduling changes are properly made.
6. Do I need to know how many pizzas are needed for the party?
No. We make the pizza so you can place your order after we count the players attending the party. We recommend at least one pizza for 5 players (2 slices per person).
8. Can I pay more than the required deposit?
Yes. Call the store at 412-364-3473 to add an additional payment.
7. Do you have party bags?
We have a couple of party bag options. First, we can create a party bag that has various candies and toys. You can also give the guests a ticket voucher and let them choose the candy and toys they would like to have.