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2005 Summer League

This league season will use the National Rules

Team Name Win Loss Tie
Whack Pappy 8 4 0
Team Junk 7 5 0
Code 12 6 6 0
Sunflower Babies 3 9 0

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Team Rosters

Whack Pappy Team Junk Code 12 Sunflower Babies
Red Dog Centipede Zalgax Phoenix
Dominator Miza Kirby Flint
Rave Dancer Nomad Flash
Llama Masl eBay Cloud
Froggy Amazon Princess Gohan Icy
Necros Robman Ihop The Lorelei

Game Schedule

League Schedule

1st Game Red Side   1st Game Green Side
SERIES 1 Week 1 9/12/05 6:30pm Whack Pappy


Code 12
      7:30pm Team Junk


Sunflower Babies
  Week 2 9/19/05 6:30pm Code 12 vs Sunflower Babies
      7:30pm Whack Pappy vs Team Junk
  Week 3 9/26/05 6:30pm Whack Pappy vs Sunflower Babies
      7:30pm Team Junk vs Code 12
SERIES 2 Week 4 10/3/05 6:30pm Code 12 vs Whack Pappy
      7:30pm Sunflower Babies vs Team Junk
  Week 5 10/10/05 6:30pm Sunflower Babies vs Code 12
      7:30pm Team Junk vs Whack Pappy
  Week 6 10/17/05 6:30pm Sunflower Babies vs Whack Pappy
      7:30pm Code 12 vs Team Junk