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Skill Level


For those of you not familiar yet with Version 6.0 here is a brief explanation. In Version 6.0 people with membership cards are assigned skill levels. New members begin at level 1. Each time the member deactivates another player in a game, (member or non-member), they gain skill level points. Each skill level is 25 points higher than the previous level. For example to reach skill level 2 you must get 25 skill points. To reach level 3 you need 50 skill points. To reach level 4 you need 75 skill points..

Now as far as scoring goes. If you deactivate another player of equal skill level you get one point. But if you deactivate a player of higher skill level you will get more points and if you deactivate a lower level player you will get less points. For example...a level 1 player deactivate a level 5 player, the level 1 player will get 5 points for that one hit...but if a level 5 player deactivate a level 1 player the level 5 player will only get 1/5th of a point. So as you get higher in levels it becomes much harder to get to the next level; you need to get more and more skill points to move up and you need to deactivate high level members to get more skill points per game. So get your membership card today and start getting those skill points!

The formula

Skill Points = Opponent Skill Level / Your Skill Level

Point Required to get to next Skill Level = Current Skill level x 25