Player Score Calculation



In StormTrak Version 5.0 and later, people with membership cards earn skill levels. Everyone who purchases a membership card begins at skill level 1 and all non-members are assigned a skill level 1 at the beginning of the game. Each time a you deactivate an opposing player you add to your player score and earn skill points. A players skill level can change during the game (Refer to skill Level).

Player Score Calculation

Player Score =
Opponent Skill Level / Your Skill Level x 1000 (for each hit given)
– 300 (for each hit taken)
+ 750 (for each base hit)
+ 750 (for each Sentry hit)
+ 10 x Shooting Accuracy

Note: If a player score is negative, then the player score calculation becomes 10 x Shooting Accuracy.

Playing with members will typically earn you a higher score. If you want to accumulate skill level points then become a member.

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